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Board Book - Let's Celebrate

Designer: My Little Booky Wooky

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A newborn’s vision begins very poor and blurry. The best way to stimulate a newborn’s vision is by using high contrast pictures. Studies have proven that black and white images register powerfully on a baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to the baby’s brain. Stronger signals means greater brain growth and faster visual development.
Benefits of using black and white books:

  • Black and white images can soothe and relax a crying baby.

  • High contrast images can assist a baby with tummy time by placing the book in front of them.

  • Black and white books can encourage babies with flat head syndrome to turn their heads to the other side.

  • High contrast images provide the baby with something simple and engaging to focus on, and in this focus or intense concentration they can allow their minds to rest.

  • A baby cannot see pastel colours properly for several months after birth. It is recommended to surround a baby with as much black and white as possible in the early months for visual stimulation and development.

  • A black and white book to babies is a wonderful activity for parents to do with their little ones, strengthening their bond as well as introducing books to a baby at an early age.

In your baby’s early months try to resist the pale and pastel blue and pink toys and go for the black, white and red ones.
My Little Booky Wooky has created a wonderful range of books that are the ideal for parents to create an engaging activity for their newborns by placing them in front of their baby during tummy time, nappy changes or opposite them in the car seat.

Let’s Celebrate is a beautifully designed black and white board book for babies aged 0-6 months. As the title suggests, this book is all about celebratory occasions- i.e. birthday, new baby, Easter, Christmas and many more. It allows parents and care givers to tell their baby a variety of stories for each page based on their own experiences around these celebratory occasions.Create your own story as you go through the book with your baby or simply place the book in front of your baby during tummy time, nappy changes or when your baby is in their car seat during car trips.

Item details: 16 page board book, 15 x 15cm. First published in 2016