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Book - A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth

Designer: Katrina Zaslavsky 'Birth Goddess'

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Feeling anxious, alone or in the dark as a new mother to be?

When you imagine getting the baby out, it creates feelings of intense fear or panic, yet you would really love to go natural and drug free if only you knew how and was shown the road was totally possible and achievable. 

You are wondering why the caesarean rates are so high and are thinking something is not quite right. You are curious why is it that some women have such positive experiences while others are left traumatised and would like to understand the difference.

If you have heard too many negatives and horror stories and no one has shared with you the beauty, magic or miracle of giving birth, you are in for a real treat!

Just when you thought you couldn’t bear to hear another horror story, along comes a fresh new book that is the answer to your prayers. Brimming with positivity, rated 5 stars and now in it’s 2nd print edition, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth offers inspiring birth stories, expert tips, practical tools and insights to reclaim your birth power and overcome your fears.

The author Katrina Zaslavsky, takes you on a powerful journey of discovery and gives you 21 keys to transforming your birth experience.

Generously sprinkled with inspirational quotes and topped with a compelling Afterword by Dr Sarah Buckley, MD internationally renowned author of “Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering”, this is the ultimate mind-body preparation guide every woman in bloom has been waiting for.

Now you can connect with a positive community of women without leaving home.

Described as ‘mandatory reading material’, ‘enchanting’, ‘powerful,’ ‘refreshingly real’ and “totally nourishing for the mamma soul”and embraced by many pregnant women and prenatal/ birth professionals worldwide.

Stands out as one that all women should read as part of their birth preparation.”~Maternity Coalition of Australia

“I refer to it as my bible: It’s so supportive, helps build confidence & encourages women to be informed. ~Nikki Jones, Midwife & HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Discover the 21 Key Insights in the book:

1st Insight: We Need A Reality Check
2nd Insight: Make A Commitment
3rd Insight: Knowledge Is Birth Power
4th Insight: Get In The Zone
5th Insight: Give Up Control
6th Insight: Consciously Prepare Mind & Body
7th Insight: Expect Only A Positive Outcome
8th Insight: Words Have Power
9th Insight: Create A Support Team
10th Insight: Your Birth Your Body
11th Insight: Doctors And Drugs Are Optional
12th Insight: A Whole World Of Tips And Tricks
13th Insight: Deal With Your Monsters
14th Insight: Pain Is Good Or Nothing At All
15th Insight: Harness Your Hormones
16th Insight: The Easy Way Is Not So Easy
17th Insight: Birth Is Beautiful
18th Insight: Trust Your Instincts
19th Insight: Get Your Baby On Board
20th Insight: Trust In Nature’s Perfect Design
21st Insight: The First Magical Moments

You can be assured this labour of love has been endorsed by:

  • The International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) 
  • The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)
  • HypnoBirthing International
  • Maternity Coalition Australia
  • The Ancient Art Midwifery Institute (USA)
  • Featured As “Best Books in Wellness” by Living Wellness Magazine
  • Voted “Favourite Product Finalist” in the AusMumpreneur Awards
  • Most importantly endorsed by numerous happy mums (and babies if they could speak!) worldwide whose lives have been changed for the better!!

Don’t have much time to read books? All good! This book was designed with busy mothers in mind. You will find the font size is easy to read and you can literally open it anywhere and it will speak to you or you can look up which of the 21 insights you need to read in that moment to give you an instant lift and reassurance in your amazing innate abilities!

Makes an excellent bedside table read, that you can dip in and out of as needed, or of course you can curl up with a good hot cup in hand and devour it from cover to cover.

Taking time to invest in yourself and read a good book like this one is not only incredibly empowering but also an act of self-care.

Get ready to take the natural process of pregnancy and birth back into your own hands and create a magical birth story of your own!